This program is a bead rope crochet design application
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jbead, the successor to the DB-BEAD software, is a bead rope crochet design application. As jbead is written in Java, it requires that Java is installed on your computer. If you start jbead and no Java can be found, a web browser will open and you will need to download and install Java on your computer.

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  • Question: Unable to find file to execute.

    I've installed Jbead and the software copied all the files in the default installation directory which is in Program Files. Go to Computer and then the System drive (usually C:) and navigate to Program Files. You might find it in Program Files that has a X86 in its name. It indicates you're running a 64bit operating system. Look in both directories for the installation folder. There you'll find the executable file, but it's rather unusual to miss the installation of the program's icon on your desktop.

    If you have many icons on the desktop, look for jbead by pressing the j key.

  • Question: I love the program it is amazing, but when I'm making a longer crochet, the list of beads isn't completely shown. How can I fix this?

    There is a simple solution to your problem. To show the complete list of beads, you can go to View > Zoom Out or press the key combination Ctrl + U (for Zoom In, the key combination is Ctrl + I).

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